Bushes and Smashwords

About that children’s book I shopped around …

Stuck in the Bushes is a repetitive picture book that elicits giggles from children as the Stuck family cries from the bushes for an entire night. I decided to look around for a place to self-publish it as an ebook and stumbled upon Smashwords.

I think I spent a couple of days poring over that site. I downloaded books for my Nook, but I was mostly fascinated by the variety of self-published items. They ranged from stories of only a few hundred words to epic novels.

As I looked deeper into formatting a children’s book, I realized there would be quite a few hurdles, especially with the artwork. I put the story back in the drawer, but I visited Smashwords every day. I read samples and appreciated that people were so brave to just put their work out there.

I read once that if you wanted to be a writer, you should just write. Write something every day even if it’s only a paragraph. It was 11:00 one evening, and a thought popped into my head. I opened a blank page in Word, and one paragraph came out:

My perfectly restored ‘67 Chevy Chevelle careened around the corner at Walsh and Park, the tires squealing in an effort to get my attention. I was angry, and my mind was reeling. I was thinking of all the ways I wanted to kill him. People on the sidewalk were staring at me as I flew by, and I knew I had to get a grip on more than just the steering wheel. Carbide City was known for speed traps, and I didn’t need another ticket. Why are restored muscle cars magnets for cops and tickets anyway?

I was on my way.

3 thoughts on “Bushes and Smashwords

  1. I did enjoy the first paragraph of your book. It has action and emotion and makes you want to know why she was so mad. Cheers! YFS (your friendly stalker)

    • Thank you! If you keep this up, you will see how terribly insecure I was about writing. My confidence is still not high, but before I had any reviews or feedback, I was sick to my stomach that I put my silly books out there and started a blog. Have you ever deleted a post? I deleted two along the way. One was for a silly post when I got a blob of deodorant in my eye and it was like glue. It was just so stupid, I deleted it about a month later – complete with likes and comments. The other post I deleted within eight hours. I basically had a meltdown and confessed I didn’t have a passion for writing, it was just a fun diversion, and I was tired of reading about how everything I was doing was wrong. It makes me laugh now, but I’m glad I deleted it, and that I kept writing and blogging.

      • you are lots braver then I am! I would never post my book online, well not yet anyway. You are a natural writer girl! I have never deleted a post. I figure it’s all me, insecurities and all. I like to go back and see how I’ve grown. I’m glad you kept going. 🙂

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