Blogging and Library Book Sales

I’m a little late to the blogging scene. It dawned on me about a week ago that I should start a blog and chronicle some of this excursion into the world of writing and self-publishing.

Have you ever been to a book sale at your local library? Tireless workers, many of them volunteer senior citizens, organize the discarded and donated books in a room set aside specifically for the sale. If you were a diehard buyer like I was, you’d show up on the preview night, pay a premium to get in the door, and then run with the stampede to try and see the best and most valuable books first – all for 25 cents to a dollar each.

I wish I had blogged those years of traipsing to sales all over the state. That would have been some fun reading. I saw some pretty intense fights over books as well as some all-around nastiness. But I met wonderful people, too. Standing in line for up to three hours before a sale provided a lot of time for us regulars to get to know each other – and tell some pretty crazy stories. Schmoozing in a book sale line was always entertaining and usually the best part of the sale. Our son complains on occasion that he needs therapy because he spent his childhood under tables guarding our book picks at library book sales. It truly was an adventure.

I’m expecting this foray into self-publishing will be an adventure, too, and I want to put this one into words.

3 thoughts on “Blogging and Library Book Sales

    • Hi Jackie! It’s been a long afternoon/evening helping out my mother, but we had fun. Then she helped with ideas for the new book. 🙂

      I thought about sharing some of those crazy adventures at the libraries. Have you even been to a used book sale – especially on their opening night? I decided not to write about them, because I wanted to use my blog specifically for my writing, but you will soon find out that went out the window. I may write something in the future.

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